The Official Wine and Chocolate Weekend Pairing Lineup

February 10, 2015

Four Bites from The Chocolate Lab Denver That Match Perfectly With Bonacquisti Wines

For the last nine years, we’ve been hosting a Valentine’s Day wine and chocolate party that is so romantic, we figure we might be putting Cupid out of work.

But the most fun part of the party is the research before hand. A few weeks prior to the annual Wine & Chocolate Weekend, we pick up several truffles from The Chocolate Lab, a small batch, hand crafted chocolate maker in Denver, open some wine and figure out which pairings work — and which don’t.

It’s a process we look forward to each year, with the result being a fabulous four-part menu sure to tempt all chocoholics during the celebration at the winery that will impress any Valentine’s Day date like no dinner and a movie plan can. The event includes four wine and chocolate pairings and live music from Add 2 and Gumbo Le Funque.

Here’s the 2015 tasting lineup for the 9th Annual Wine & Chocolate Weekend. Commence salivating now:

Vinny No Neck - Sangiovese with Pecan Toffee with Caramel and Bacon
Delagua Classic - Zinfandel/Petite Sirah with Cinnamon Chili Truffle
Barbera with Jalepeno Pop Rock Truffle
Zin Port with Glazed Pecans with Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

For more:
9th annual Wine & Chocolate Weekend at Bonacquisti Wine Co., 4640 Pecos St., 2–8 p.m. Feb. 14th. Tickets are $25 ($22.50 for Wine Club members). Call 303-477-9463 for info.


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