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Rocky Redesign Knows How to Make a Winery Smile!

What a way to repay a favor, Rocky Mountain Redesign makes my day! Read below from Your Hub in the Denver Post.

Local winery saves the day for local business
Contributed by: Rocky Redesign on 3/10/2009
Tight economies force business owners to find ways to creatively meet customer needs, while balancing costs. Recently a local staging company attempted to provide "champagne taste on a beer budget", literally! Thanks to Bonacquisti Winery here in Denver, we were able to grant some "caviar wishes", or at least some exquisite wine.
Deep in the basement of the 12,114 square foot villa, stood a wine cellar that was much more than just a room. This aesthetic masterpiece was a perfect blend of architectural elements and artistic creations, but the room was empty. The lovely Carrara marble bar slabs were completely bare. There are few things as depressing as a completely empty wine cellar.
The staging company could have carelessly thrown some cheap bottles of vino into the room and called it a day, but then an idea struck. What if there was a way to partially fill the cellar and promote a local company at the same time? Finding local beer in Colorado is easy, but local wine proved to be a challenge, until we discovered Bonacquisiti winery and the gracious Executive Sommelier, Paul Bonacquisti.
Paul and Judi Bonacquisti founded the winery in 2006, but the story of this celebrated Colorado wine actually began in 1900 whenGiovanni Battista Bonacquisti emigrated from Castro dei Volsci, Italy and came to work in the coal mines near Trinidad, Colorado. The Coal Camp, Delagua, became the birthplace of Paul's father and the site where Giovanni put an American flair on his Italian tradition of winemaking. It is in his spirit that Paul presents the wines of Bonacquisti Wine Company.
In the same way that Rocky Mountain Redesign always tries to promote local artisans, businesses, and the economy in general, Paul primarily uses grapes grown in Palisades, Colorado. His urban location 1 block South of I-70 at 4640 Pecos (next to Quiznos) proudly proclaims "Wine for the People"! In place of extravagant tasting fees and snobbishness, you'll experience a casual Colorado atmosphere and personal attention.
So what happened to the poor, empty, wine cellar? Well, thanks to Paul and Judi's generosity, the room is now a magnificent tribute to Bonacquisti Wines, our local economy, and the spirit of celebration. When potential owners visit the home, they can now envision parties, new beginnings, holidays, family, and festivities.
We at Rocky Mountain Redesign wish to extend our deepest gratitude to Paul, Judi, and Bonacquisti Wine. We could not have done it without you. Salute!

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  • Congrats on the YourHub article. A little free publicity never hurts. I’ll repost an excerpt on our blog next week.

    Let us know if there’s every anything, press releases, etc. that you’d like for us to cover at the Wine Country Inn Blog. We’re always happy to help. Cheers!

    Wine Country Inn

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