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Not Your Mom’s Jug Wine

[caption id="attachment_1262" align="aligncenter" width="553" caption="Making jug wine cool again: Our new growler-esque program launched at Club Wino in January."]Jug wine Denver[/caption]

There are two schools of thought when it comes to jug wine. One side simply thinks it's garbage, which comes from five decades of U.S. wineries putting the cheap stuff in jugs. The other, however, understands its rustic roots tableside in Italy and potential for value and quality. So it’s time to forget about the wine synonymous with jugs, Carlo Rossi, and get some good wine in a large format.

We’re getting ready to unveil our new jug wine program. It’s our way of becoming an even bigger part of the North Denver scene. Our jugs will work in a similar manner to the way Denverites have been filling growlers of beer at local breweries for years.

Why should beer geeks get all the fun?

It’s just another thing we’re doing at the winery to decrease our environmental impact. In this case, we’re going green by reducing the number of bottles needed to get our delicious wine out to consumers.

Plus we’re making it even more convenient to drink our wine. All you need to do is bring back the jug (or purchase your first one at the winery), and we’ll clean it and pour wine straight from a stainless steel container or keg system.

It’ll cost just $20 to get either Vinny No Neck (a rustic, Italian-style Sangiovese blend) or [d] Red (an everyday drinker) filled to the brim in a 1-liter bottle. After that, it's just $12.99 to get a refill (which is 25 percent more wine than what comes in our bottles that cost $16 or more). For those who really want to party, we'll also fill a five-liter jug for just $55 (about $8 a bottle for nearly 7 bottles worth), plus a $10 deposit for the jug. You'll need some great friends over to help out. 

[caption id="attachment_1324" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo by Jess Hunter/Denver Off the Wagon"]Denver Jug wine[/caption]

That’s not to say we’re pricing out our bottles. Each vino vessel has a distinct purpose. The jug wine is for immediate consumption — as in the first 30 days it’s sealed at the winery. It’s perfect for when you have a few friends coming over and you don’t want to empty a bottle too quickly. Plus, putting a quality jug on the table is a perfect conversation piece for your party — your friends will think you are such the trendsetter.

Jug wines are cool again!

Buying a bottle (or a case) is ideal for the times you don’t know when you’ll be popping the cork or if you want to lay down a bottle to age it for a few years.

So it’s better to buy a jug for tonight and stock up on a few bottles for next week or month.

The Details:
Buy a filled 1-liter jug for $20 (wine club members get first dibs) and fill it with either Vinny No Neck or [d] Red; refills are just $12.99. Jugs are available from 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Thursdays–Saturdays at the winery, 4640 Pecos Ave., Unit I. Call 303-477-WINE for information.


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