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Giving Back to Denver Nonprofits

[caption id="attachment_897" align="alignright" width="180" caption="We bottled some Rowdy Red with the 2008 vintage, with proceeds going to Metro State University scholarship funds."]Metro State Wine[/caption]

Some might think building a winery is about one simple thing: making wine. While that is certainly the task that takes up most of winemaker Paul Bonacquisti’s day — as does paper work and other business unpleasantries — there’s another equally important task for the winery:

Giving back.

Paul’s goal has always been to become intertwined with the Sunnyside and Denver community, which is why he puts forth several efforts a year to work with neighborhood and citywide nonprofits and causes.

In the past, Bonacquisti i has helped raise money for a variety of causes including Metro State College of Denver, Escuela de Guadalupe, Academia Ana Marie Sandoval, Holy Family High School due in no small part to his wife, Judi's line of work.

As a professional in higher education, Judi tries to align her personal and professional mission of securing quality educational opportunities for all, especially for those who traditionally may have been marginalized.

“Education is a great equalizer, especially for students from a diverse, urban environment," Judi says. "When our communities come together for the benefit of our students, I believe we are securing a better future for society. We all benefit by investing."

Giving back is a family affair, that also benefits the family. If you've ever met Koda, the winery dog, you might know that the Bonacquistis adopted him after learning about the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue from supporting their annual fundraising event. Over the course of the last five years, the winery has directly and indirectly helped raise thousands of dollars to area nonprofits.

Beyond that, if it’s a Sunnyside or Northwest Denver-based organization, Paul loves to get involved. Giving back to the neighborhood is almost as important as making enough wine for the neighbors to enjoy.

"It's a no-brainer. Sunnyside is our home. Northwest Denver is our home," Paul says. "These communities support us, and we want to return the favor."

Get your nonprofit or cause involved with Bonacquisti:

  • The winery can hold 100 people for an event and is available year round
  • We offer special non-profit pricing for event space, food and wine packages
  • Bonacquisti can custom label wine by the case to suit the needs of  organizations
  • In select cases, we can sell the wine and donate a portion of the proceeds
  • The company will consider requests for donations to silent auctions


Visit  the wine shop!

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