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Choose Love Over Hate

Choose Love Over Hate

We mourn deeply for the victims of Saturday's heartbreaking shooting at Club Q.

As you know, deadly gunfire sent shockwaves through the LGBTQ nightclub just before midnight, and two brave patrons saved several lives by grabbing the suspect's weapon, pinning him to the ground and keeping him restrained until police arrived.

We'd like to commend the couple who own Atrevida Beer Company, Rich and Jess Fierro. Rich, a twice decorated Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, tackled the shooter and was assisted in restraining him by Thomas James, a performer at the club.

Their courage in the face of such a violent attack is admirable and made all the difference in stopping the loss of more lives.

This senseless hate must stop. Choose love over hate, and spread the word. Let us be kind to each other.

NBC news link here. 

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