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Remember the Excitement of Buying Records at a Teen? This is Better!

Remember the Excitement of Buying Records at a Teen? This is Better!

You're 14 years old.  

School just let out and you can't wait for the bus to drop you back home, so you can hop on your bike and head straight to town. 

You peddle furiously, passing every store until you see the shop with modest signage and the only two words that matter at this moment: RECORD SHOP. 

You run inside. You've been waiting such a long time for this day to arrive. 

Your favorite band's latest record just dropped, and you've got just enough allowance money to grab your copy and maybe a pack of gum.  

On the way home, you're really cranking those peddles because the excitement and anticipation is too much. You get home, tear off the cellophane wrap, pull that fresh, newly pressed vinyl from its sleeve, and place it ever so gently on the turntable.   

You put the needle on the record and hear those familiar little crackles and feel like the world contains you and your new vinyl. Pure bliss.

You need to hear every tune while studying the liner notes, the lyrics. the inside cover, the back cover and the album cover itself. 

This will be repeated over and over again, and you'll soon share your findings with your bestie.


Well, you're going to be happy you're reading this post!

You know that music has been the heart of Bonacquisti Wine Co for 15 years, and we're thrilled to introduce VINNY & VINYL, our new monthly wine & record club. It's ENTERTAINING, FUN & DELICIOUS!
THE SPIN: Winemaker and former DJ Paul will be curating the perfect blends of music and wine for this new club.
In continuation of a perennial favorite wine, Vinny No Neck, Vinny & Vinyl will offer one bottle of Bonacquisti wine and one new vinyl LP record for $55 each month (tax and optional shipping are additional, pick-up is free).
Club members will receive wine and music notes AND access to a monthly, members-only listening and tasting party (we kick off on 10/16).
So, put the needle on the record, and join us (and other music lovers in the community).
It's going to be as exciting as that 14 year old on the way to the record shop!
Here's your LINK to join us.



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