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With Love to Denver

With Love to Denver

We love our Denver community. There's so much to see and do in this city, which also features a colorful history.

Among the many interesting facts about Denver is how it got its name.  

It was originally three separate towns with three separate names. In a bid to gain political favor, it was named after a Kansas territorial governor (James Denver). 

He, however, had retired by the time of its naming. The other names for consideration were dropped in return for a barrel of whiskey, which was shared by all. Something to keep in mind when trying to reach a compromise!

As winemakers, we can relate to this funny (and true) slice of history....we'd like to think our wines also bring people together, though mostly for socializing and enjoying life (though if we can help settle a serious issue with our wine, we're game!). 

Our family winery, born here in Denver, will be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in October. In the time that's passed, we've been able to create local, regional and international wines, as well as award winning wines and limited production varietals.

We're proud of our wines and our ability to support local artists and events that teach about wine. We hope that more people dip their toe into the world of wine and discover what many of us already know--that wine is many things and with so much to choose from (varietals, blends, reds, whites, etc.), you're sure to find something you like, perhaps several.  

Our wine club is a place for that type of discovery. We call it the family you choose.  There's no membership fees (hey, we wouldn't do that to family), but we do offer valuable benefits to being a member....special discounts, access to new releases, no tasting fees at the winery, and the favorite thing of all is our MEMBERS ONLY wine release parties (which are always a blast)! 

A bit more: You receive 3 bottles of wine every 3 months, allowing you to experience a wide variety of quality wines. You can pick up from the winery or have them shipped.

You can also gift these wines with a gift subscription. It's a great way for someone in your life to learn about wine and enjoy it at the same time. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

You can learn more about our wine club here, and if you're local to the Sunnyside/Denver area, stop by for a visit and taste some great wine, and learn more about being a part of the family, and we'd love to see you!

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