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001: Knight Groove and Ryker

001: Knight Groove and Ryker's Cellars

Welcome to our new podcast about local music and local wine. It's called Friday's Uncorked Radio, named after our Friday night music series at the winery. The show is hosted by winemaker Paul Bonacquisti and Denver radio personality Cha Cha Chavez. We plan to bring you a new show every Friday (of course) with interviews from local winemakers and musicians.  If you have passion for wine and music, you'll enjoy the insight Paul and Cha bring from their years in these industries.

On this first episode we talk to Ryker Brandt, owner and winemaker at Ryker's Cellars and Peter Trahan, bass player and co-founder of the band Knight Groove

Show Notes

6:38 Paul's favorite food pairing with Pinot Grigio

8:00 Meet Ryker

15:55 Ryker's favorite music to listen to.

19:29 Meet Peter from Knight Groove.

23:18 The weirdest gig Peter's played.

28:04 Knight Groove's latest track Soul Fever


Opening voice over: Jo Myers

Opening music: Maceo by Gumbo le Funque

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