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Behind the Labels

When you’re in the Bonacquisti Wine Co. tasting room in northwest Denver, chatting with owner and winemaker Paul Bonacquisti, it’s easy to just enjoy the wine and not give a whole lot of thought to the three distinct bottle labels we produce. Don’t worry, we’ve stretched our brain powers plenty in trying to distinguish three unique drinking experiences.

Boutique Varietals [Traditional]

Our winemaker comes from a family steeped in both Colorado and Italian heritage, and much of the winery is steeped in Old World traditions, despite its urban location in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver. For our single variety wines — Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, for example — we package them in a very traditional manner. The winery name is the most important thing here in terms of branding. These are our premium wines, and we want you to think Bonacquisti when you take a sip of our structured (and perhaps aged) Cab while also enjoying the artwork of local artist Daniel Luna.

Everyday Drinking [Contemporary]

Vinny No Neck and Bella Risa are two of our more popular wines in part because of the delicious blend inside the bottle and the playful marketing around it. The labels on these start to veer away from the Bonacquisti Wine Co.’s traditional offerings — and they pay homage to the winemaker’s kids in a playful manner. Each of these labels are designed (by Luna) to be modern and encourage you to order it by name and showcase the easy drinking, every-night-of-the-week blends. Then there’s the [d] Red. With its roots in Delagua, Colorado, this blend is meant, almost, to be its own brand. Look at the bottle, it barely says Bonacquisti. We want this to be a go-to wine to pair with plenty of dinners and good times — without every having to think too much about it. The graphics are simple and elegant, standing alone from the rest of the lineup of Bonacquisti wines. You can almost imagine it gracing the cover of a magazine all by itself.

 For Your Cause

Being tied into the Denver community means we like to help out when we can. We often team up with area nonprofits to throw fundraisers at the winery. In many cases — event related or not — we create custom labels for these great organizations so they can be sold to raise cash. We did the Metro State Rowdy Red and Mile High Weimaraner bottles, giving both nonprofits a bottle to sell that resulted in direct donations to each respective cause. This service is available for nonprofits that want to raise money through a wine sales drive or corporations looking for a unique gift to hand out to employees or clients.

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