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A Denver Winery By the Numbers

Some of us are the analytical type. We choose round numbers over vague references. In the world of wine, there’s room for romantic notions and hard scientific facts. If you prefer the latter, here’s how the Bonacquisti Wine Co. looks on paper.

2,000: Our average annual case production. Yellow Tail does more than 11 million. Are we even being enough to be small? Will take the artisan, hand-crafted moniker.

2,500: Total square feet of the winery, which means we can produce, at a maximum, one case of wine per square foot.

5: Years we’ve been rocking Sunnyside with our wines, and if you didn’t know, Sunnyside is the coolest neighborhood in Denver.

100,000: The total number of bottles we’ve filled with vino. How long would it take you to polish all that off?

1: Number of winery dogs. Call out to Koda when you come in.

35: Medal of all colors our wines have won at competitions around the country. Judges like our wine.

5: Number of those medals that have been shiny gold.

4,600: The gallon capacity of our stainless steel tanks. Winemaker Paul Bonacquisti has fallen in one.

50: The most oak barrels we’ve ever had on site. Aromas of vanilla, tobacco and toast anyone?

2: The number of major highways within a stone’s throw of the winery (I-70 and I-25). Location, location, location.

∞: Grey hairs that have filled in on winemaker Paul Bonacquisti's head since the winery opened. “There are people who stand at the counter and the go, ‘that's you? Really?’” Bonacquisti says, noting the newspaper feature and photo about the winery opening in 2006. “Now I look like a grandfather.”

3: Number of wineries attracted by Bonacquisti to 46th and Pecos to form Colorado Winery Row. It’s the most complete Colorado wine tasting experience along the Front Range.

108: Tasting glasses broken by Paul or visitors over the years.

200: Estimated number of events at the winery. When are you bringing your 150-person event by?

8: Current number of wines available at the tasting counter (August 2011).

1: Pounds of cheeses consumed each week in the tasting room. We get our delicious cheeses and meats from Carbone’s, a Sunnyside staple for decades.

600: Truffles consumed during the annual Wine and Choclate Weekend each Valentine’s Day.

12: Fudge, in pounds, enjoyed during that same romantic event. (We get the good stuff from Roberta’s, with jalepeño infused in it.

36: Number of bottles Paul opens each month for personal use. They come from his cellar and represent wine regions all over the world, and yes, he has a lot of friends. "I got to open more. Some of this has got to go," he says. Want a new friend?

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