Wine Growler

Bonacquisti Wine Co. brought back the good-wine-in-a-jug idea from "the old days" in early 2012, offering a one-liter bottle, filled from one of the rotating taps (both red and white available). Prices start at $21, and include the glass bottle that can be refilled anytime during tap room hours!

Bonacquisti Wine Company introduced the idea of large format wine at their winery in 2012. The winery offers one-liter, take-home bottles filled from one of the award-winning rotating tap wines available. Prices start at $21 and include a glass bottle as a take home to be refilled any time during tap room hours, with refills starting t $15.99, which is a third larger than a typical bottle of wine. Each bottle is hand-numbered and built to maintain shelf life. Next time you are in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver, stop by and help revive the jug that has served Europeans so well for so long.




 Only available at the Bonacquisti Tap Room, 4640 Pecos St., Denver 80211. 

Bonacquisti Wine Growler Denver



  • Jug: $21.00
  • Jug & Fill, which comes with one free 1 liter refill: $33
  • 1 liter refills: $15.99 and up

All prices are valid for $15.99 priced refill options; other options often available