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9 reasons to join the Bonacquisti Wine club

Everybody wants to be part of a club. It makes us feel awesome. Especially when there is wine involved. Well, for those who haven't heard, we have a club, and you are invited to join. The Bonacquisti Wine Club ships/packs four three-bottle shipments throughout the year, giving Coloradoans great access to our award-winning wines made right in the middle of Denver.

Need more incentive to join? Here are 9:

9. You get to open a package each March, June, September and December. A package you'll actually enjoy.

8. You'll receive exclusive bottlings — that are more fun to drink. In December 2010, wine club members received a his and hers Cabernet. The former was tannic and structured and meant to age. The latter was soft, supple and approachable (and never released the the general public). Think of the discussions at home when he tried to explain to her why the "his" wine was meant to age well.

7. It'll make Paul happy.

6. Tastings at the winery become free for you and your friends. Think that will make you popular? Tasting fees are normally $5 a person.

5. It's a cheap way to get a case of wine a year delivered to your door (or prepared for pickup at the winery). By cheap, we mean that most three-wine shipments come in at less than 50 bucks. Not bad.

4. Paul will actually remember your name when you come into the tasting room.

3. Sunnyside is the coolest neighborhood in Denver, and Bonacquisti is the only winery in it. To boot, we release a Sunnyside white wine blend each vintage (in small vintages often only available to wine club members). To our knowledge, this makes Sunnyside the only neighborhood in Denver (and likely Colorado) to have it's own wine!

2. Wine club members get serious discounts to the tune of 10 percent off all purchases and 15 percent of case purchases. These discounts carry over to winery events, too.

1. Wine club members also get their own parties. These are the types of shindigs the cool kids went to back in the day. You want to be a cool kid, right?

If you're a member already, tell us why you love the club (and there might be something in it for ya!)....

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