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15 Bands That Rocked The Winery in 2015

15 Bands That Rocked The Winery in 2015

2015 was a great year for live music at the winery. These bands brought everything from jazz to blues, rock to rap, Latin, funk and soul. We salute them and look forward to more live music in 2016. Cheers!

Here's the fifteen from 2015:

ADD 2Barrio FunkCatfish Kray Blues BandDelta SonicsGumbo Le FunqueHeavy Timbo and DebJon Wirtz and Jason KlobnakKnight Groove, LC's Latin Groove, Lovelorn RegalMy Old SchoolReverb And The VerseRomero UnpluggedTasty Grooves BandThe Symbols.

Fridays Uncorked at Bonacquisti Wine


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