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A bottle of Vinny & Vinyl wine and Dojo Cuts playing on the turntable.

Harmonious Notes: April's Wine and Record Club Selection – DOJO CUTS' Pieces and a 2017 Colorado Petit Verdot

Welcome to the April edition of Vinny & Vinyl Wine and Record Club! As the days grow longer and the air warmer, we're excited to present you with a unique wine and music pairing that will surely hypnotize your senses. This month, we're featuring the soulful sounds of DOJO CUTS' Pieces 2008 - 2020 (Best of Dojo Cuts) and a robust, captivating 2017 Colorado Petit Verdot.

DOJO CUTS' Pieces (Best of Dojo Cuts):

DOJO CUTS, an Australian-based soul and funk ensemble, has been capturing hearts and dance floors since 2009. Led by the powerful vocals of Roxie Ray, the band delivers a compelling mix of retro-inspired grooves and melodies that pay tribute to the golden era of soul music. Pieces (Best of Dojo Cuts) is a culmination of their finest works and features 12 tracks that range from heart-wrenching ballads to infectious, uptempo tunes guaranteed to heal your hurt.

Some standout tracks on this best-of compilation include the emotive "I Don’t Want To Wait" and the irresistibly groovy "Take From Me." Each song showcases the band's ability to craft timeless music that bridges the gap between classic soul and contemporary R&B, creating a sound that resonates with both new and old fans alike.

The 2017 Colorado Petit Verdot:

To complement DOJO CUTS' soulful tunes, we've selected a bold and sophisticated 2017 Colorado Petit Verdot. This red wine is known for its intense, deep color and complex flavor profile. With aromas of dark fruit, violet, and a hint of vanilla, the Petit Verdot offers an opulent sensory experience that will enchant your palate.

The palate reveals flavors of blackberry, plum, and subtle spice, underscored by soft tannins and a lush, lingering finish. This full-bodied wine is the perfect accompaniment to rich, flavorful dishes such as braised short ribs, herb-crusted lamb, or a decadent dark chocolate dessert.

The Pairing Experience: Tasting Video Here

The combination of DOJO CUTS' Pieces and our 2017 Colorado Petit Verdot creates a sensory experience that is both nostalgic and enthralling. As you sip on the rich, bold wine, let the soulful melodies of DOJO CUTS transport you to a time where music was all about passion, storytelling, and connecting with the listener.

Whether you're hosting a gathering of friends or enjoying a quiet evening in, this wine and record pairing is guaranteed to elevate your evening. So, raise a glass, drop the needle, and let the harmonious notes of DOJO CUTS' Pieces and our exquisite 2017 Colorado Petit Verdot transport you to a world where music and wine intertwine in perfect harmony.


Join us this Friday, April 22nd, 3p-6p as we continue our journey through the world of wine and music. 

Next month we'll be bringing you another fantastic pairing that celebrates the universal language of good tunes and great wine. The record is a Mile High City exclusive with only 300 copies printed in support of Youth On Record. Until then, cheers to a soulful April!

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