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Winery Dog Turns 12

Winery Dog Turns 12

In honor of Koda, the winery dog’s 12th birthday, Paul and Judi share some of their favorite memories about the pup they adopted from the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue as a pet for Vinny No Neck and Bella Risa.

Bonacquisti Wine Dog 

If you don’t know our blonde Weim/Lab mix, don’t feel bad. You probably never met Koda because he was banned from the winery by the FDA in 2011 during a surprise inspection where we learned that dogs are not allowed inside wineries. But wait you say! Every winery has a dog! Hell, there’s even books on winery dogs and band, for that matter. The FDA agent was not impressed by the books nor the band, and had little sympathy for Koda’s gentle nature. Paul didn’t rat out all the wineries and breweries with dogs and adhered to their banishment orders, but was bummed that he couldn't bring his daily companion with him to work anymore.

Without that daily work interaction, Koda needed a way to blow off his energy and happily accompanied Judi as she trained for a couple of half marathons. He would sometimes get spooked, like he’d seen a ghost on the Cherry Creek Trail. His googly Weim eyes would become huge, black saucers, and he would stop dead on a run and refuse to go any further. Thankfully that didn’t occur often, and he routinely ran up to 10 miles.

Koda, the protector, emerged when Vincent became sick. Many nights, Paul would sleep at the hospital with our son, and Koda understood that something had changed with our family. On the nights Judi and Marisa were home alone, Koda slept nearby and barked at anything that came near the house. His love and guardianship helped to make the best of an awful situation, and his wagging tail brought joy to an otherwise empty home.

Koda turned 12 on July 10th and even though he is long in the tooth, we still see glimpses of that Goofy-looking pup with his floppy years, wiry frame, and bent tail (that’s another story!). He’s been an awesome companion and important member of our family, and on this birthday, we honor him.

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Sunnyside Denver Wines Bonacquisti  

If you have a pet, raise your glass and honor your four-legged friend. Share your pics and stories below. And if you happen to see Koda’s face hanging on a Wanted poster in some FDA office bulletin board--please let us know. We may just send a bottle to that agent. Salud!

Wanted by the FDA

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