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We love keeping it social 😍

We love keeping it social 😍

       "Wine, it's in my veins and I can't get it out." - Burgess Meredith

  One nice thing about wine-making and running a winery -- I guess it's the "the cherry on top" -- is actually witnessing people enjoy the fruits of our labor.  It's always a bonus for us to see wine lovers sniff, swirl and taste the wines we've made.

We often get to hear the enjoyment as well, with a "mmmmm",  "ooooooh" or "ahhhhhh" ... music to our ears! 

Another thing we really like is to see is photos of you enjoying our wine with friends, at home (maybe adding a pinch of our Sangiovese to your tomato sauce) and sharing fun moments at the winery. 

We welcome you to join us on any/all of our social media pages, and we're always thrilled to be tagged in your photos and comments. 

Yes, we love keeping it social, and here's where you can join us: 

 Facebook 🍇 Instagram 🍷  Twitter 🍇 YouTube 🍷 Denver Wine Radio






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